Unlimited snacking for the office


What are the NatureBox Unlimited Snack Programs?

NatureBox offers offices of all sizes delicious and better-for-you snacks via three convenient and cost-effective ‘Unlimited’ plans:

  • Unlimited plan

  • Unlimited Plus
  • Unlimited Lite

All three Unlimited plans offer bottomless snacks for your team to take you through the month for a fixed monthly charge per employee, shipping included.


How does it work?

It’s simple. Once a month you will be charged the same predictable amount (employees x $ value of plan)

As soon as your supply is running low, simply reach out to your dedicated account manager for a new supply, regardless of when your billing date is. If you run out mid month, you don’t pay a cent more for your new supply. No more budget blowouts. No more guessing how much each employee will eat each month.

Deciding which plan fits your team best comes down to your budget and your snack and nutrition priorities, as plans offer slightly different snack selections and price points.

The number of different snacks your team receives will depend on the size of your team. Your sales contact will work with you to find the right plan, quantity and selection for your individual team.

All plans are designed to meet all your team’s snacking needs and provide lots of variety to keep healthy snacking fun and exciting!





Our most popular plan offers as many snacks as your team can eat, chosen from our full range of bulk snacks

✓ Select from 30+ snacks monthly

✓ Budget Predictability

✓ Free Shipping

✓ Discounted Single Serve

✓ Curated option


Unlimited Lite

The same unlimited benefits as our other plans with an abridged snack list and a lower price point. 

✓ Select from 15+ snacks monthly

✓ Budget Predictability

✓ Free Shipping




Unlimited Plus

Offers the same selection as the basic plan, with the addition of unlimited single serve snacks. 

✓ Select any single serve or bulk snacks

✓ Budget Predictability

✓ Free Shipping

✓ Curated option

✓ Access to full single serve catalog

✓ Premium snack options




How do your snacks come?

Our bulk snacks come in resealable 5 lb bags with 80 x 1oz portions per bag. These snacks work great in jars or dispensers of your choosing.

Can I choose my snacks?

Absolutely! We allow you to choose your snacks or alternatively, we can provide you with an Approved Snack List from which we can curate your orders. (Our customers love this hands-free option!)

Do I have to agree to a contract?

Nope we don’t have contracts. To cancel any Unlimited order, we require 15 days written notice. Skipping a month is not permitted.

What is your holiday policy?

Our Unlimited plans are priced with seasonal fluctuations in mind. We know there will be slow weeks (Holidays) and heavy weeks (product launches & special events). We do not adjust your monthly billing during these periods.

We just hired/fired a bunch of people. Do I need to tell you?

Yes please! Because the Unlimited plans are based on headcount, it’s important you to let us know when your headcount changes. We appreciate your honesty! Your account manager will check in with you quarterly regarding any updates to headcount.

How do we get started?

To get started, contact your NatureBox snack expert to discuss these plans and get set up with some samples.  If you are not yet connected with a NatureBox associate, please contact us at sales@naturebox.com 

Any other questions about the Corporate Snack Program? 

Email us at sales@naturebox.com


Can you help with setting up our snack area?

Yes! For customers starting on the Unlimited Plus or Unlimited plan, we’d be happy to provide the glass jars and scoops for your initial set-up. Customer is responsible for subsequent set up purchases and breakages.

Click here to see these options.

What if the team doesn’t like the snacks or loves one particular snack?

We offer a Snack Guarantee on each of our snacks. Don’t love something, we’ll replace it. If there’s a snack you can’t live without, we’ll be sure to lock that in for future orders.

How do I pause or cancel an upcoming order?

We don’t have contracts, so if you need to pause or cancel your membership, that’s no problem. We require 15 days written notice to stop receiving NatureBox Unlimited shipments.

How are the snacks shipped?

All Naturebox Unlimited snacks ship for FREE, yep, FREE. We ship with OnTrac and FedEx. Orders take 3-5 business days to arrive. Please reach out to your Account Manager for tracking information.

How does billing work?

Your bill will be processed automatically each month on the anniversary of your first order. We accept all major credit cards and charge each order to the card we keep on file in our secure system. For customers spending over $1000 a month we can offer Net 15 terms.  

Questions related to our snacks or personal subscriptions?

Check out our main FAQ page here, or email us at support@naturebox.com