Jars & Containers

These are jars and containers that we personally tried and recommend based on our experience. They work with all of our snacks on their own and also make a great supplement to dispensers. Links to where these recommended options can be purchased are found below.


Glass Jars

Glass jars are the ideal choice for any snacks when accompanied by a scoop or tongs. A more cost effective option, these jars feature a rubberized seal for freshness. Jars are the recommended dispenser for dried fruit and clusters however they work well for any bulk snack as well as holding individual snack bags.

We recommend 1.5 gallon sized jars.

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Cereal Dispenser

Tall and slim, these containers are an ideal choice for restricted spaces. They are easy to clean and feature a good air seal with the pop lid. Available in large, medium and small sizes.

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Tongs are recommended for dried fruit, cookie and clusters

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Scoops are ideal for nuts, nut mixes, pretzels and other bulk snacks.

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Trays, bags, cups

Snacks can be dispensed into paper trays, paper bags or reusable plastic cups. Below are links to our favorite options: paper trays and paper bags.