Frequently Asked Questions


What is the NatureBox Corporate Snack Program?

The NatureBox Corporate Snack Program offers offices of all sizes delicious and better-for-you snacks via a variety of convenient and cost-effective plans.

What are the plans you offer?

Our customers can choose from:

  1. NatureBox Unlimited

  2. NatureBox Unlimited +

  3. A la Carte

About naturebox unlimited

What is the NatureBox Unlimited plan?

NatureBox Unlimited offers as many Bulk snacks as your team needs each month for a fixed price of $15 per person, shipping included. No more budget blowouts. No more running short of snacks.

What will come with Unlimited?

You’ll receive 6 different snacks each month. Based on your team’s taste and dietary preferences, your Account Manager will send a selection curated specifically for your team.

We’ll always endeavor to send you a balance of sweet, savory, fruit, nut and non-nut snacks to satisfy all possible cravings!

What is Unlimited +?

Ideal for teams wanting a mix of bulk and single snacks, this plan offers an Unlimited quantity of 6 bulk snacks with the addition of 12 convenient single serve snacks per person for $25 a month.

What if the team doesn’t like the snacks or loves one particular snack?

On any Unlimited plan we offer a Snackisfaction Guarantee, so if there’s something you don’t love, reach out to your Account Manager for a replacement. If there’s a snack you can’t live without, we’d be happy to lock in that snack for future orders.

How do I cancel my Unlimited order?

Since we don’t have contracts, you may cancel with us anytime with a 30 day written notice to cease deliveries. Skipping a month is not permitted.

about a la carte

What is NatureBox A la Carte?

Perhaps you have more time on your hands and prefer to choose what you need from our catalog. With our A la Carte plan your snack expert will work with you to discover the optimum combination of individually packaged snacks and/or bulk snacks and your ideal delivery schedule.

How do the snacks come?

Our Bulk snacks come in resealable 5 lb bags. Each bag equates to 80 x 1oz portions. The bulk snacks work great in jars or dispensers of your choosing.

Our individually packaged snacks come in various sizes and case packs as indicated in our catalog - click on Individual to see all our wrapped snacks.

How do I serve the snacks?

If you need help with solutions for dispensing the snacks here are some options that work well with our snacks. Your snack expert will be able to advise you on whether jars, gravity dispensers or cereal dispensers will suit your particular space best.

Do I have to agree to a contract?

Nope we don’t have contracts.

How do I change my order?

It’s easy: To make changes or requests to snacks or order date for A la Carte or Unlimited orders, reach out to your Account Manager up to 48 hours before your monthly billing date.

To cancel any Unlimited order, we require 30 days written notice.

How often can you ship us snacks?

NatureBox can send corporate orders on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis—depending on what works best for your office. We ship via FedEx Ground.

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards. We offer Net 15 credit terms for customers reaching $1000 in orders per month and meet credit approval.

How do we get started?

To get started, contact your NatureBox snack expert to discuss these plans and get set up with some samples.  If you are not yet connected with a NatureBox associate, please contact us at


Any other questions about the Corporate Snack Program? 

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Questions related to our snacks or personal subscriptions?

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