What are the NatureBox Unlimited Snack Programs?

NatureBox offers offices of all sizes delicious and better-for-you snacks via three convenient and cost-effective ‘Unlimited’ plans:

  • Unlimited plan

  • Unlimited Plus
  • Unlimited Lite

All three Unlimited plans offer bottomless snacks for your team to take you through the month for a fixed monthly charge per employee, shipping included.


How does it work?

It’s simple. Once a month you will be charged the same predictable amount (employees x $ value of plan)

As soon as your supply is running low, simply reach out to your dedicated account manager for a new supply, regardless of when your billing date is. If you run out mid month, you don’t pay a cent more for your new supply. No more budget blowouts. No more guessing how much each employee will eat each month.

Deciding which plan fits your team best comes down to your budget and your snack and nutrition priorities, as plans offer slightly different snack selections and price points.

The number of different snacks your team receives will depend on the size of your team. Your sales contact will work with you to find the right plan, quantity and selection for your individual team.

All plans are designed to meet all your team’s snacking needs and provide lots of variety to keep healthy snacking fun and exciting!